Engine Overhaul vs a New Engine

Kotwals Motor Spares is an industry leader in supplying quality motor parts and accessories across South Africa. We offer a comprehensive service offering at competitively priced options for engine overhauls and engine components.

The process of overhauling an engine requires maintenance such as removal, disassembling and inspecting the engine. This predominantly involves new piston rings, bearings and oil seals.  

Engine overhauls are more cost-effective and can be manufactured to integrate with the original engine system. There are definitive reasons why engines fail, which can include overheating conditions or broken oil pumps.

The most common components of the vehicle system to replace include bearings, gaskets, valve springs, crankshafts and pistons. Extensive replacements of the engine system include aligning the crankshaft to fit the new pistons in the original system.

New engines require mechanical maintenance. Replacement engines are also considered in the “New Engine” category, due to the low mileage capacities and reliability associated with the engines. Before investing in an engine overhaul, it is important to consider factors such as original engine warranty, flood damage or significant motor issues.

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