Auto Parts and Car Accessories

We offer an extensive range of Auto Parts and Car Accessories:

At Kotwals Motor Spares we deliver excellence in the Auto Parts and Car Accessories that we provide, and we strive to always give our clients affordable products. We supply mechanical parts, as well as body parts for an extensive range of vehicles and if a specific product is not available, we are able to supply the product to you within 24 hours. We offer quality Auto Parts and Car Accessories such as brake pads, engines, and many more.

Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers, giving you peace of mind regarding the auto parts durability. We offer a range of service kits as well, which are essential to have in the boot of your car at all times. Our service kits consist of used spares along with a manual used for maintenance purposes. We have durable CV Joints that are able to power your vehicle in order to achieve a smooth driving experience, as well as quality suspension kits that enhance your vehicle’s performance.

In case your engine wears out, we supply engine overalls, and we are able to disassemble your engine and replace the worn out parts. Kotwals Motor Spares offers reliable brake pad replacements to suit the performance and driving style of your vehicle, and we supply clutch kits for a variety of vehicles. We also offer quality windscreens, which can be perfectly fitted to your car.

We supply a wide variety of radiators available in stock for various car models. Our shock absorbents are the best in the industry, installing this suspension component will enhance the safety and performance of your car. We supply many other products as well, for more information on these products, kindly have a look at our website. If you are looking for a reputable Auto Parts and Car Accessories company, Kotwals is the answer!

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