5 Reasons to use our service kits

KMS Kotwals Motor Spares offers the highest calibre of service kits to ensure vehicles are running at optimal condition for longer.

Here are 5 definitive reasons to use  service kits from KMS Kotwals Motor Spares:

  1. Affordability
    KMS Kotwals Motor Spares strives to ensure that our products are cost-effective and fairly priced for vehicle owners. Our service kits are affordable and can be incorporated with any service or maintenance plan.
  2. Service kits improve the longevity of your vehicle
    Periodic checks of our service offerings enhance the durability of multiple components of your vehicle. This includes oil, fuel and air filters to be routinely checked and replaced.
  3. Comprehensive range of products are included in the service kit
    We offer definitive products that are aligned with specific vehicle requirements. This can include air filters, coolants, cabin filters, brake fluids and engine filters.
  4. Convenient and efficient
    The service kit available from Kotwals Motor Spares is convenient and readily available according to the vehicle requirements. This significantly prevents the possibility of downtime for your vehicle and time invested in performing maintenance checks.
  5. KMS Kotwals Motor Spares offers service kits to accommodate a versatile range of engines and vehicles
    Each vehicle has distinctive requirements with regard to the engine and the maintenance thereof. We offer a full service offering of oil filters, spark plugs, fuel filter replacements and more for each individual vehicle.

Get in touch with KMS Kotwals Motor Spares Boksburg for more service kit solutions.

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